ART LYON: design, editing, writing, illustration, digital coloring, and other arcane secrets.

Hello, the world!

Greetings, and welcome to my blogular omnipresence on the miraculous interweb. Pay attention while I decode and master the arcane blogging arts, by which craft I shall reveal such visual and literary delights as the world has never seen!

Or something.

I’ll be posting updates about my work as a comic book colorist, a writer, and an illustrator, as well as reviews and critiques of film, tv, comic books, fiction and nonfiction books, and whatever else strikes my fancy. Modern medical science still doesn’t know exactly what the fancy does, but mine seems to get struck a lot.

Stay tuned!


Comments on: "Hello, the world!" (2)

  1. Sounds mightily awesome! I look forward to all your posts striking my fancy!


  2. Welcome to the interwebtubes.


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