ART LYON: design, editing, writing, illustration, digital coloring, and other arcane secrets.

THE AUTHORITY by Grant Morrison, Gene Ha, and Art Lyon, published in 2006 and 2010 by Wildstorm Publications.

I really liked a lot of the previous Authority comics Wildstorm had put out, so when I got this gig I was pretty excited.

Coloring on this project proved to be pretty labor-intensive.

Gene original art, my own noodly predilictions, and the stage of development I was at as a colorist all combined into a morass of wanting to “get things right”.

This is the project where I realized I was letting myself get too bogged down in minutiae, and that on a page-by-page and even panel-by-panel basis I needed to look at the big picture and ask hard, artistic questions.

I was kind of making myself crazy, spending too much time on each page, not “working smart”.

Luckily, my wife Ellen is an oil painter, and Gene is a canny artist in many media, so I’m learning to consult them more often when it comes to prioritizing and thinking like a guy with a limited amount of time on his hands.

To the right here are the covers to the planned first 4 issues, all lined up. Part of this image was incorporated into a giant banner for the DC Comics booth at various 2006 conventions. Pretty cool.

The bottom sections of the image were used for the first 2 covers of our initial “Worldstorm relaunch” series, but that died before #3 got under way.

Those two issues were reprinted in The Authority: the Lost Years Reader

The top sections finally saw the light of day in 2010 as the covers to issues #3 and #4 of The Authority: The Lost Year, which continued and wrapped up the story we had started in 2006.

The entire story can be found in The Authority: The Lost Year: Book 1, published in 2010.

This was a VERY BIG file on my computer.



Quite large.

Gene and I did the promotional 2-page spread below for Worldstorm #1, which was sort of a primer for the many relaunches Wildstorm had in the works. I remember this as being quite difficult.

Working on this was one of many things happening around the same time that made me realize the importance of executing all the light sources in an image before rendering the shading on anything. This image has 4 light sources. Scaling and balancing all those in terms of dominance and color was tricky. Luckily, I had already decided to make The Doctor’s spell-casting effects all have a green cast to them, and the Door had been established as being orangey, so those constraints were actually very helpful. Art thrives on restrictions.

I thought about having this scene take place at night, but thankfully Gene wanted it during the day, because the noon sun effect really pulls the thing together, I think.


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