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RPGaDay 2015

13th: Favorite RPG Podcast

I don’t think I have one – or rather, I’ve only been listening to one lately, so does that count?

Anyway, it’s Play On Target. One of the hosts is my pal, Lowell Francis – he of the mighty Age of Ravens blog. Lowell is one of the best GMs I’ve ever had the pleasure of being tormented by playing with, and he knows gaming like nobody’s business. I put a lot of stock in his thoughts, observations, and opinions on games and gaming, so, naturally, I like listening to him talk on a podcast about gaming.

Really, though, what’s great about PloT is that it’s not just Lowell; the other hosts  – Sam, Brian, and Andrew – have fairly different gaming histories, preferences, and viewpoints – moreso than amongst the co-hosts of other gaming podcasts I’ve enjoyed in the past. On top of that, they rotate who leads the discussion each episode. The net result is a show that always feels new.


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