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RPGaDay 2015

14th: Favorite RPG Accessory

Another hard one.

I don’t use or much care for GameMaster screens… I don’t use battle-mats or the like much… I use miniatures only semi-regularly… I’ve tried a bunch of dice-rolling apps, and I find Dice Roller to be the easiest to use, but I actually don’t use it much.

Basically, I don’t like gimmicks, props, and doodads when I run a game. I’d love to have mood music playing all the time, but the last thing I need when I’m running a game is more stuff to manage. As a player, I really like maps and minis and facsimile props – I guess because then I’m not the one who has to manage them!

I do like to have a few different sizes of paper on hand: post-it notes and/or 3×5 cards, regular 8.5×11″ lined and blank paper, and larger paper for the occasional map sketch. Also: a pen, a pencil, and a highlighter, the latter for marker super-important text when I’m looking up stuff in a rulebook.

I guess my answer would have to be: my tablet – a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. I use it as I prep for a game and also at the table, for PDFs, images, and online randomizers. It has a good-sized screen, a built-in removable stylus, and a decent amount of storage. I have Dropbox and Google Drive on it, for accessing files I’ve used or found while on other computery-type devices. I actually use my phone more for finding, browsing, reading, and moving those files around wherever I happen to be, but at the table the tablet is much more versatile for my uses and for sharing with the players.


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