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RPGaDay 2015

15th: Longest Campaign Played

Geez, these are getting harder!

I honestly don’t know. However, I can probably narrow it down to two contenders.

The first would be “Saviors”, relatively low-powered supers game using the Hero system, run mostly by Lowell Francis (man, he keeps coming up in these RPGaDay posts, doesn’t he?). I can’t even tell you how long it ran, but it seemed like a very long time – and I mean that in the best possible way. It was the kind of game where you just couldn’t help but be invested as a player: stakes were high, character death was a real possibility, and schemes were going on that you often felt you could do little to stop. I think I can safely say that for everyone involved it remains a hallmark of our gaming history.

The character I was known for in that game was The Word. He was a mysterious, perhaps insane, highly-principled, lives-in-the-sewers, trenchcoat-wearing, relentless vigilante inspired by the Rorschach character from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen comic book miniseries. He had what looked like a Christian cross on his face, but was never intended as a “Christian character”. I just liked the stark, idealistic iconography of it, especially for a mask. The horizontal beam hits right where a character’s eyes would be. He also had what looked like a priest’s collar with that little exposed white square, which combined with the vertical beam of the cross to sort of make the whole thing look like an exclamation point.

word color SM word wall SM 

The other contender would have to be whatever my friend Scott Hamlin called the AD&D games he ran back when we were both stationed at Fort Hood, TX back in our Army days. I feel like our weekends consisted of buying comic books, eating at restaurants, and playing D&D – in fact, we had a nasty habit of commandeering a large section of a restaurant, ordering lots of  food, and gaming too loudly for hours and hours. It was an absolute blast. That went on for a year and a half, give or take.

If you see someone online with the user name “Daz Florp Lebam”, that’s me; that was the name of a very silly character I ran in Scott’s game.



RPGaDay 2015

14th: Favorite RPG Accessory

Another hard one.

I don’t use or much care for GameMaster screens… I don’t use battle-mats or the like much… I use miniatures only semi-regularly… I’ve tried a bunch of dice-rolling apps, and I find Dice Roller to be the easiest to use, but I actually don’t use it much.

Basically, I don’t like gimmicks, props, and doodads when I run a game. I’d love to have mood music playing all the time, but the last thing I need when I’m running a game is more stuff to manage. As a player, I really like maps and minis and facsimile props – I guess because then I’m not the one who has to manage them!

I do like to have a few different sizes of paper on hand: post-it notes and/or 3×5 cards, regular 8.5×11″ lined and blank paper, and larger paper for the occasional map sketch. Also: a pen, a pencil, and a highlighter, the latter for marker super-important text when I’m looking up stuff in a rulebook.

I guess my answer would have to be: my tablet – a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. I use it as I prep for a game and also at the table, for PDFs, images, and online randomizers. It has a good-sized screen, a built-in removable stylus, and a decent amount of storage. I have Dropbox and Google Drive on it, for accessing files I’ve used or found while on other computery-type devices. I actually use my phone more for finding, browsing, reading, and moving those files around wherever I happen to be, but at the table the tablet is much more versatile for my uses and for sharing with the players.

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