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ART! Bibliography: My work thus far…


THE BLACK FLAME (interior colors) 2014, 1First Comics

BATMAN: THE WIDENING GYRE volume 2, #1-6 (interior colors) 201?, DC Comics

SAM HILL Graphic Novel (cover colors; interior colors) 2014, Archie Comics

N.E.W. THE ROLEPLAYING GAME &  O.L.D. THE ROLEPLAYING GAME character sheets (design) 2014, EN Publishing

THE X-FILES season 10 #9 (interior colors) 2014, IDW

THE PHANTOM STRANGER #6&7 (cover & interior colors) #8 (cover colors) 2014, DC Comics

SUPERMAN #23.2: BRAINIAC (cover colors) 2013, DC Comics

ACTION COMICS #23.2: ZOD (cover colors) 2013, DC Comics

BATMAN INC. SPECIAL (partial interior colors) 2013, DC Comics

HILLFOLK ROLEPLAYING GAME (“Henchmen” setting co-writer) 2013, Pelgrane Press 

JUSTICE LEAGUE #20 (partial interior colors) 2013, DC Comics

FABLES #122 & 123 (interior colors) 2012, DC Comics

THE SHADE #12 (cover & interior colors) 2012, DC Comics

STRANGE ATTRACTORS 128-page graphic novel (partial interior colors) 2012, Arcahaia Entertainment

ACTION COMICS #9 (cover, alternate cover, & interior colors) 2012, DC Comics

JUSTICE LEAGUE #7 (interior colors) 2012, DC Comics

ACTION COMICS #3  (alternate cover colors) (partial interior colors) 2011, DC Comics

THE GOVERNATOR #1 (interior colors) unpublished, Archie Comics

PROJECT SUPERMAN #1-3 (interior colors) 2011, DC Comics

COSMOTHEA ROLEPLAYING GAME (writer, “Kangola” kingdom profile) unpublished, QT Games

GREEN HORNET CASEFILES anthology ( writer, “The Carlossi Caper” short story) 2011, Moonstone Books

“SANTIAGO” ADVENTURE PATH NAVCOM Galactic Map (designer/illustrator) 2011, EN Publishing

TREEHOUSE OF HORROR 13-page “Nosferatu” story (interior colors) 2011, Bongo Comics

THE TRAVELLER #1-5 (cover colors) 2011, BOOM! Studios

THE SHIELD #1, #2, and #4-10 (interior colors) 2009-2010, DC Comics

BATMAN: THE WIDENING GYRE #1-6 (interior colors) 2009-2010, DC Comics

JSA vs KOBRA #1-6 (interior colors) 2009, DC Comics

IRREDEEMABLE #5 and #6 (cover colors) 2009, Boom Studios

THE RED CIRCLE: INFERNO #1 (interior colors) 2009, DC Comics

THE RED CIRCLE: HANGMAN #1 (interior colors, partial) 2009, DC Comics

THE AUTHORITY: THE LOST YEAR #3 and #4 (cover colors) 2009, Wildstorm

G.I. JOE MOVIE PREQUEL #1-3 (interior colors) 2009, IDW

WOLVERINE: ORIGINS #34-36 (interior colors), #37-39 (cover colors) 2009, Marvel Comics


THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #20-22 (interior colors) ,#22 (cover colors) 2009, DC Comics

SPIKE: AFTER THE FALL #1-3 (interior colors) 2008, IDW

GREEN LANTERN SINESTRO CORPS SECRET FILES AND ORIGINS #1 (interior 8-page story & character illustration colors) 2008, DC Comics


ANGEL: AFTER THE FALL #5 and #9-14 (interior colors) 2007-2008, IDW

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA: THE LIGHTNING SAGA (interior colors, partial) graphic novel including JLA #11 (see below) 2008, DC Comics

ANGEL: AFTER THE FALL #6 (cover colors) 2008, IDW

WORLDS OF DUNGEONS & DRAGONS #4 and #5 (cover colors) 2008, Devil’s Due Publications

AFTERBURN #2-4 (interior colors) 2008, Red5 Comics

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #11 (interior colors) 2007, DC Comics Eisner Awards winner for Best Single Issue of 2007

COUNTDOWN TO MYSTERY #3 alternate cover (colors) 2007, DC Comics

WELCOME TO TRANQUILITY #4 alternate cover (colors) 2007, Wildstorm Productions

THE AUTHORITY #1 and #2 (cover and interior colors) 2006-2007, Wildstorm Productions

G.I. JOE vs TRANSFORMERS: BLACK HORIZON #1 and 2 (interior colors) 2007, Devil’s Due Publishing

DECIMATION: GENERATION M (interior colors) graphic novel collecting Generation M #1-5 (see below) 2006, Marvel Comics

RED SONJA #18 alternate cover (colors) 2006, Dynamite Entertainment WORLDSTORM #1  (interior colors partial: The Authority 2-page spread) 2006, Wildstorm Productions

GENERATION M #1-5  (interior colors) 2005-2006, Marvel Comics

REVOLUTION ON THE PLANET OF THE APES #5 and #6 (interior colors) 2006, Mr. Comics

THE PHANTOM: LEGACY 96-page graphic novel (colorist & designer & letterer, cover and interior) 2006, Moonstone Books

YOUNG AVENGERS SPECIAL #1 (interior colors, partial) 2006, Marvel Comics

TOP TEN: THE FORTY-NINERS 96-page graphic novel (interior colors) 2005, Wildstorm Productions Eisner Awards winner for Best Graphic Album (New) of 2005

G.I.JOE DATA DESK HANDBOOK character portraits (interior colors, partial) 2005, Devils Due Publishing

THE PHANTOM #5 and #6 (interior colors) 2005, Moonstone Books

GLOBAL FREQUENCY: DETONATION RADIO (interior colors, partial) graphic novel including Global Frequency #12 (see below) 2005, Wildstorm Productions

ASTRO CITY: A VISITOR’S GUIDE (interior colors, partial: Astro City Irregulars “pin-up”) 2004, Wildstorm Productions

GLOBAL FREQUENCY #12 (interior colors) 2004, Wildstorm Productions Eisner Awards nominee for Best Single Issue of 2004

HUNDREDS OF BOOKS & CDs (cover artist, graphic designer) 2000-2003 1st Books Library (now Author Solutions) and Springbound Music

WARRIOR NUN BLACK AND WHITE #1 and #2 (interior pencils) 1997, Antarctic Press

EXILE EARTH #1-4 (#1 and #2 published) (cover & interior pencils, inks, colors; creative director) 1993-1994, River City Publications

BORIS SLOAN: PRIVATE EYE, REPETITIVE JERK #1-4 (#1 & #2 published) (cover & interior co-penciller, -inker, and -writer) 1990-1991, self-published

STEP INTO THE WORLD minicomic #1 (writer, penciller, inker) 1990, self-published

THE RENEGADES #1-5 (#1-3 published) (cover & interior pencils, inks; co-creator; designer; creative director) 1986-1987, Age of Heroes Comics

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  1. Jacob Ruble said:


    I have a quick question for you. I live in Bloomington Indiana and am doing all I can to “break” into the comics industry. I never knew why people called it “Breaking into” until I started and it seems that when someone finds one way in they board it up so you have to go around another way! I would like to know if you would be available for an interview where I could ask you a few questions that may help others like me to become inspired and not give up on the “dream”. I would post the interview to my blog at

    Please let me know when you get a moment.

    Thank you,

    Jacob Ruble


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